phpStatistics – TikTok Analytics Platform

phpStatistics is a social media analytics tool for providing TikTok analytics to any public profile from TikTok.

phpStatistics is ready for personal use (Regular License), as well as for starting a SaaS business, where you can charge users (PayPal or Stripe) on your platform for access on your website created with phpStatistics and providing them TikTok analytics services (Extended License).

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phpStatistics Demo

Username: admin

Password: admin

User Features

GROWTH ANALYTICS – Keep track of any public TikTok profile and generate day by day statistics.

PROJECTIONS – Generate predictions based on already existing data.

EXPORT TO CSV OR PDF – Some of the data from the generated TikTok profiles reports can be also exported.

API – The ability to access the stored TikTok related data via a REST API.

TIKTOK DIRECTORY – View all the TikTok users inside of the database and sort them by different criteria.

TIKTOK ACCOUNTS COMPARISON – Compare 2 TikTok profiles easily, side by side.

TIKTOK VIDEO DOWNLOADER – Download TikTok videos as MP4 format and download the Music of the TikTok video as well as MP3 format.

LISTS – Create, update and delete Lists to help you save and categorize specific TikTok profiles that you want to keep track of.

LOGIN WITH FACEBOOK – To help users login to your website faster.

TWO FACTOR AUTHENTICATION – To help your users with their account security.


SEO FRIENDLY – Proper URLs, dynamic titles, dynamic meta description and meta keywords based on each TikTok profile…etc

SITEMAP – The full sitemap is automatically generated for you and ready to be used.

Administrative Features

STRIPE PAYMENTS – Earn money by charging One timeRecurring or Lifetime payments from your users for custom plans via Stripe.

PAYPAL PAYMENTS – Earn money by charging One timeRecurring or Lifetime payments from your users for custom plans via Paypal.

OFFLINE PAYMENTS – Earn money by charging offline payments (ex: via bank transfers or other methods). The best way to get paid by your users if you do not use Paypal or Stripe.

DISCOUNT AND REDEEMABLE CODES – Create unlimited discount or redeemable codes from the admin panel for your users.

INVOICING – Configure and generate basic invoices for your users.

GUEST, FREE, TRIAL PLAN CUSTOMIZATION – Configure exactly what each defined plan can or can not do or disable them completely.

UNLIMITED CUSTOM PLANS – Create custom made plans for your users.

PAYMENTS – Both you (as the admin) and your users will have access to their payments made on the platform.

MULTILINGUAL READY – Translate the whole website via a single .JSON file (Created pages from the admin panel are not translatable).

STATISTICS – Get to know what happens on your website by checking out the statistics page.

USERS – Create, view, edit, ban or delete any user on the platform via the admin panel.

PAGES – Create, view, edit or delete any custom page on the platform via the admin panel.

PROXIES – Ready to go proxy system that helps to avoid getting restricted by the TikTok servers. Create, view, edit or delete any proxy connection on the platform via the admin panel.

TIKTOK ACCOUNTS – View or delete all the TikTok profiles that are tracked by your website.

SETTINGS – This is the control page where you update your website and create it exactly as you wish by editing important details enabling or disabling certain features such as.

  • Disable the default landing page and redirect to your custom one
  • SMTP configuration
  • Enable or disable the Registration system
  • Enable or disable email confirmation for new users
  • Upload your own logo and favicon
  • Configure your business and payment settings
  • Set up your Social media links
  • Add your custom CSS or JavaScript code
  • Add your ad codes to display ads to your users


Please read the whole documentation along with the readme at phpStatistics Documentation.

If you plan to use this product to get paid by your users on the platform ( use the payment systems ) then you must purchase the Extended License, enforced by the terms written by Envato.


Please read this carefully in order to understand. The TikTok website as a whole or parts of it have the possibility to break, change, deprecate, disable or ban you at any time depending on the changes they make to their website and I have no control and take no responsibility for this matter. Although I will try to keep this updated as fast as possible and fix any potential bug that might appear because of this matter. Refunds due to the mentioned API problems that might occur used within the script are not viable.

This product is in no way affiliated with, authorized, maintained, sponsored or endorsed by TikTok or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries.


Update 1.3.1 – 6 August, 2020

- Fixed admin package update not properly working when clicking on update all subscribers button.
- Fixed admin dashboard when the payment system is not enabled for regular license holders, in some cases.
- Fixed some admin panel links not pointing to the proper locations.

Update 1.3.0 – 1 August, 2020

- Implemented the ability to get paid via Offline payments.
- Implemented a new Directory page, where you can see all the users in the system and sort them.
- Implemented Directory page access to be configurable via Plan Settings.
- Implemented a new Compare page, where you can compare 2 TikTok users side by side.
- Implemented Compare page access to be configurable via Plan Settings.

- Other improvements and changes in the system.

Update 1.2.0 – 24 July, 2020

- Implemented the ability to offer Lifetime deals to your customers
- Implemented the ability to turn off certain Payment Frequencies per Plan (from the admin panel)
- Implemented a dedicated "Thank you" page after a successful payment with access to payment related data from javascript to also make external affiliate tracking much more easy to implement.
- Remade the way the TikTok data for the users is taken from TikTok
- Implemented API capabilities for the users to be able to return information via a REST API of a TikTok profile
- Implemented the capability to enable/disable API access via Plans
- Implemented API documentation page
- Implemented the ability for the user to use a Date range selector in the Report Analytics page
- Improved the speed of execution of the following pages: Sitemap, Cron, Generation of the simple captcha, Stripe & Paypal Webhooks 
- Other code cleanups and improvements

Update 1.1.0 – 16 July, 2020

- Implemented ability to Bulk import TikTok users in the system via the admin panel
- Improved the way the search dropdown is working
- Fixed proxies not being rotated after one is used
- Improved the way TikTok users are being checked in the system

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