Metioneer Module For Nextpost Version 1.5.2

This module collect people follower and mention on your story. Thats all and clean.


  • We can’t guarantee lifetime workability and safety, because IG can change or update something in api.
  • Refunds impossible, because it’s a downloadable product.


This is a module for nextpost. You need a nextpost for running this module.


You should know that all downloadable products non-returnable.


The Metioneer module lists people’s followers and creates a story and shares them with mention from your profile.



How did it work?

Our script collect follower of people and creates a story and shares them with mention from your profile. That’s simple and clear.


  • Auto create story.
  • Collect active users from people followers.
  • Speed is optional.



  • Product released.
  • Speed : 2500 Mention per day (250 story per day)
  • You should be careful while using this software.
  • Auto story create algorithm released.
  • You can ask question an your story.


  • Speed setting added.
  • Compatible with new ig limitation.
  • Algorithm bugs fixed.
  • Story upload algorithm upgraded.
  • Story creator algorithm upgraded.
  • Now safe for everyone.


  •  Photo save problem fixed.
  • tmp folder added.
  • Known bugs fixed.


Manual Instruction

Suggestion: use Microsoft Visual Studio Code for code editing and profiling. All your syntax error will be highlighted.

Step 1

Download file and check your nextpost module  page Add New button.

Select module zip file and install.

Check Module setting page.

Setup speed for process.

Thats all and clear.

IMPORTANT:  You need ioncube on your server because of our module encrypted with ioncube.

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