HyperVote Module For NextPost v4.1

HyperVote Module For NextPost no longer supported, you can now buy this version HyperVote PRO Module For NextPost

HyperVote Module For NextPost

Very useful module for mass voting Stories. The module has advanced targeting options and an in-built Task Manager system.

  • We can’t guarantee lifetime workability and safety, because IG can change or update something in api.
  • Refunds impossible, because it’s a downloadable product.

Important notice: You server should match minimum system requirements because masslooking it’s huge datA volume process. This will eat not a small part of your server RAM (operative memory).

These module are not standalone app. You need to get main HyperVote script. Also, we suggest using our web server configuration tutorial for Nextpost before the installation of the module.

Also you should know that all downloadable products non-returnable.

Developers are not responsible for any issues related to IG accounts. We can’t guarantee lifetime workability and safety, because IG can change or update something in API.

This module is not a standalone app. You need to get the main Nextpost Instagram app to use this module ! NextPost v.4.3 – Instagram Media Planner

Minimum system requirements

  • Nginx. Apache not supported. If you complicated in Nginx engine configuration, use our guide to setup server for Nextpost.
  • Checks, if your PHP run with FPM (sometimes module can not work correctly because command ignore_user_abort(1) will be ignored in HyperloopController.php). If all working fine for you, just ignore this notice and go to next step.
  • For 10 active accounts is min. 400Mb of RAM. That’s mean if you want to promote 100 accounts you need min. 4GB of RAM. This values can be different in your case, you should check everything yourself and, if it’s needed, upgrade your server.
  • Ioncube loader PHP 7.3

DigitalOcean Prices (Droplets are virtual machines available in multiple configurations of CPU, memory, and SSD.):

4 GB 2 vCPUs 80 GB 4 TB $20/mo
8 GB 4 vCPUs 160 GB 5 TB $40/mo
16 GB 6 vCPUs 320 GB 6 TB $80/mo
32 GB 8 vCPUs 640 GB 7 TB $160/mo
48 GB 12 vCPUs 960 GB 8 TB $240/mo


  • One time purchase (lifetime license, but only 1 year of updates, after that period access to updates should be upgraded with extra fee, of course, you can use the old version without any limitations)
  • Count of seen stories per day depends on followers quality of targeted account
  • You can set multiple targets
  • Unlimited accounts usage

Please Unzip hypapi-v.1 to /app/vendor/mgp25 folder

If you are using a version less than Version 1.3, you must uninstall the HyperVote module completely and reinstall the new version update.

Install hypervote-v1.0.zip with  NextPost – Modules – Add New  section.



Product Released.


Algorithm updated.

License System Updated.

Invalid Pıd error solved.

Some UI updated.

( Unforget! You need minimum 512M memory_limit)


Composer problem fixed.

New algorithm released.


New algorithm released.

Founded issue fixed.

Stats errors fixed.

Ui error fixed.

Breakdown problems solved.

Invalid Pid problem fixed.

NEW Features!

Enable/Disable Poll Voting, Slider Poll Voting, Questions/Answers, Quiz Answers

Question answer customization problem fixed.

Spintax added.



Some Function updated.


Algorithm breakdown fixed.


– Misname corrected: Actions Now
– Actions Counts corrected
– Fix for slider points action
– Human Actions now safer & faster (a bit more)
– New chart view ui
– cron action improvements


  • Question/Answer freeze problem solved.
  • Stats page errors fixed
  • UI improved.

Changed file :




  • Question/Answer Bug fixed.
  • Algorithm improved.

Changed File :



  • Stories Masslooking feature added.
  • Vote Limit increased, 4x faster than old version.
  • Undefined error fixed.
  • Slider points selector added.
  • New Stats Page!
  • ALL FILE ENCODED. You Need Ioncube 7.3 Loader PHP Extension
  • Algorithm improved.
  • Ram usage improved.


  • Api updated.
  • Some function error fixed.
  • New algorithm improved.
  • “Opss” error fixed.


  • Configuration files updated.


  • Slider Selectors fixed
  •  Mass Story View Selector fixed
    (May need clear browser cache)
  •  DB update (Reinstall is a must)


  • Stable update.
  • Compatible with new IG limits.
  • Speed improved.
  • Algorithm changed.
  • Counter updated.
  • Relogin error fixed.
  • Memory usage improved.
  • Connection break adaptation added.
  • UI error fixed.
  • Some UI details changed.


  • Estimated speed bug fixed.
  • Algorithm improved.
  • Speed improved.
  • Some error fixed.


  • Poll Vote Selector added.
  • UI improved.
  • Ram usage improved.
  • Login logout method improved. (10 min. instead 3 min. )
  • Algorithm improved.
  • Curl error fixed.
  • Empty Response error fixed.
  • Connection problem fixed.
  • You must reinstall or run this code on your phpmyadmin SQL section : ” alter table   yourdbprefix_hypervote_schedule add poll_answer_option char(1) NOT NULL; “


  • Login-Logout Time Selector added.
  • UI customization.
  • Some bug fixed.
  • Some algorithm improved.
  • Memory usage improved.
  • You must reinstall or if you cant reinstall module you need run this code on your phpmyadmin SQL section : ” alter table   yourdbprefix_hypervote_schedule add login_logout_option char(3) NOT NULL; ” and replace all file.



  • All feature can be disable in admin setting page.
  • New IG limits bypassed.
  • Rebranded. ( Module need completely reinstall.)
  • Algorithm improved.
  • Ram usage improved.


  • Algorithm updated.
  • All voting limits bypassed.
  • Js based error fixed.
  • Some error fixed.
  • Speed improved.


  • Some UI/UX error fixed.


  • Ram usage improved.
  • Some bug fixed.
  • UI bugs fixed.
  • Login-Logout setting disabled choice added.
  • Multiple parse system added.
  • Throttled problem solved.
  • Parsing problem solved.
  • Same Question bug fixed.
  • Speed improved.
  • Poll – Slide – Quiz algorithm improved.


  • Some bug fixed.


  • Filtration system improved.
  • Speed improved.
  • Ram usage improved.
  • Algorithm updated.
  • New bypassing mode activated.


  • Some bug fixed.
  • Resource usage optimized.
  • Algorithm quality improved.


  • Major Bug fixed. (IG Server send fake voted response. But, we have solved this problem.)
  • Pause problem solved.
  • Resource usage improved.
  • Same answer problem solved.
  • Algorithm improved.
  • New Max Speed : 20K/Day but you gaining more follower than before.
  • Function bug fixed.
  • Frozen bug fixed.


  • Poll vote bug fixed.
  • Ram Usage : Max 250M
  • Algorithm improved.
  • Frozen bug solved.


  • Algorithm improved.
  • Ram usage Max 200MB per process.
  • Some ui-ux bug fixed.
  • Target Input problem fixed.
  • Performance problem fixed.


  • Stuck Bug fix.
  • IG rules bypassed.
  • Performance improved.


  • Now, Compatible with IG Rules.
  • Performance improved.
  • Vote algorithm improved.
  • Some error fixed.


  • Question input 2200 limit increased to 20000.
  • New Algorithm released.
  • Algorithm improved.
  • Vote speed improved.
  • Masslooking feature enabled for all account.
  • New Machine learning system updated.
  • Automatic speed calculator and regulatory system according to IG rules added.
  • Ram usage improved.


  • Freeze Bug fixed.
  • Slide bug fixed.
  • Throttled bug fixed.
  • New algorithm.
  • Same answer bug fixed.
  • Memory leak fixed.
  • Same people question answer bug fixed.


  • slide_throttled Bug fix.
  • Question algorithm improved.


  • New Poll Algorithm : Choose the right option. If the values are equal, you make the choice.
  • Some function bug fix.
  • Process freeze bug fix.
  • Memory leak fix.
  • New Algorithm.


  • Getfollower (Follower) algorithm fixed.
  • Stat caused freeze bug fixed.
  • Stable update.


  • Getfollower Algorithm improved.
  • Getliker algorithm bug fixed.
  • Freeze bug fixed.
  • Stats page redesigned.
  • Slide log fixed.
  • With the face recognition system it only collects real people.
  • New Machine learning system updated.
  • Masslooking feature bug fixed.


  • Masslooking feature improved.
  • Algorithm improved.
  • Follower filter bug fixed.
  • Slide algorithm improved.
  • Poll vote algorithm improved.


  • Api Throttled fix.
  • Compatible with New IG rule
  • Masslooking stat added.
  • Slide log bug fixed.


  • Slide algorithm upgraded.
  • Poll algorithm upgraded.
  • Quiz algorithm upgraded.
  • Question algorithm upgraded.
  • Throttled bug fixed.
  • Masslooking algorithm improved.
  • Relogin error fixed.


  • Follower algorithm bug fix.
  • Throttled problem fix.
  • Re-login problem fix.(improved)
  • Stuck and freeze bug fixed.


  • Important fix : algorithm bug fixed and  updated.
  • New Exception added.
  • Timer issue solved.


  • Not found bug fixed.


  • Speed bug fixed.
  • Algorithm function updated.
  • Follower algorithm improved.
  • Poll feature options updated.
  • Masslooking feature improved for follower filter.
  • Masslooking feature improved for liker filter.
  • Timer function updated.


  • Compatible with new limits.
  • Poll algorithm updated.
  • Algorithm updated.


  • Poll Bug fixed.


  • MassvotingController now opensource.
  • Sleep timer improved to throttled problem.
  • Speed decreased.


  • Throttled problem solved for all account.
  • New Speed compatible with ig rules.


  • License bug fixed.
  • Algorithm updated.
  • Compatible with IG rules.
  • Speed Max: 1-2K


  • IDNAME bug fixed.


Instagram detects static ipv4 and ipv6 addresses that are mass stories looking and blocks ip addresses for 12 hours. If you using masslooking feature via terminal, you must use rotate mobile proxy or rotate ipv4 / ipv6 proxy.

How To update my module? 

If you using older than 1.4 version, you need reinstall to module because to many change need to reinstallitation.

Unzip downloaded new  files and replace them with the following files. -> /inc/plugins/hypervote


If you use older version than 1.5.6 you need reinstall module.

Coming Soon

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