HyperSelf Module for Nextpost Version 2.2

Very useful Massvoting & Post Like & Follow & Comment Module for Nextpost

HyperSelf very useful massvoting, masslooking, post like, follow, comment and DM module for Nextpost. This module only compatible with nextpost.


This module targetting your post liker, your followers, your following people and your following hashtag. So if anyone like your post, this script will scrape their profile and like their post, follow them, send dm them or vote their polls.



Script have a advanced Task Manager. So, you can manage your account process status, restart all, change setting.


  • Telegram Stats Notification.
  • Telegram Error notifiation.
  • Post Like Algorithm.
  • Follow algorithm.
  • Comment algorithm.
  • DM algorithm.
  • Massvoting ( mass poll vote) algorithm.
  • Masslooking algorithm
  • Schedule Page.
  • Stat Page.
  • Activity Log page.
  • Detailed activity Logs.
  • Maintenance Mode.
  • Special filters. (Language & Private & Business & Gender & Country & Min-Max Limits)
  • Weekly updates.
  • We can’t guarantee lifetime workability and safety, because IG can change or update something in api.
  • Refunds impossible, because it’s a downloadable product.

Developers are not responsible for any issues related to IG accounts. We can’t guarantee lifetime workability and safety, because IG can change or update something in API.

Minimum system requirements

  • Nginx or Apache . If you complicated in Nginx engine configuration, use our guide to setup server for Nextpost.
  • Checks, if your PHP run with FPM (sometimes module can not work correctly because command ignore_user_abort(1) will be ignored in HyperselfController.php). If all working fine for you, just ignore this notice and go to next step.
  • For 10 active accounts is min. 400Mb of RAM. That’s mean if you want to promote 100 accounts you need min. 4GB of RAM. This values can be different in your case, you should check everything yourself and, if it’s needed, upgrade your server.
  • Ioncube loader PHP 7.3


How To update my module? 

Firstly, you can download your module on our dashboards.

Unzip downloaded new  files and replace them with the following folder. -> /inc/plugins/hyperself

Coming Soon


  • create license for a domain only

    create license for a domain only

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