Emulator Module For Nextpost Version 2.1

Very useful emulation module for scrape and mass action softwares.

Very useful emulation module for scraper and mass action softwares.. This module only compatible with nextpost. This module provide real app emulation for your automation platform. So, you can use this module and ig cant detect you as a automater.

  • This module only work with latest nextpost and nextpost.tech api version.
  • Ig can change their algorithm and endpoint on some update, So, we can need to create new algorithm or make some update on our module. For this reason we provide update with Membership package. Minimum membership package starting to $10 per month and contain all our software updates.

Features ;

  • Login Web and Mobile.
  • Auto-Relogin Algorithm
  • Auto emulate human behaviour.
  • Emulate mobile behaviour
  • Emulate web behaviour.

Minimum system requirements

  • Nginx or Apache . If you complicated in Nginx engine configuration, use our guide to setup server for Nextpost.
  • Latest api from Nextpost.tech
  • Latest Nextpost version.

How To update my module?

Firstly, you can download your module on our dashboards.

Unzip downloaded new files and replace them with the following folder. -> /inc/plugins/emulator

Coming Soon


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