This is the ultimate and must-known digital tutorial about web-server (VPS/VDS) configuration for Nextpost based on my 6 years of experience in Web Development. Here I’ve documented the steps I use to configure a new server instance. Сontent Introduction Step 1: Software for Web Development Step 2: Create and setup your Droplet/VDS in DigitalOcean 2.1. DigitalOcean Droplet Creation 2.2. Server Configuration Step 3: Connect your domain with web-server Step 4: Install NGINX Step 5: Install and Configure MariaDB Step 6: Install and Configure PHP7-FPM Step 7: How To Install and Secure phpMyAdmin on Ubuntu 20.04 Step 8: Set up free SSL Certificates with LetsEncrypt with an auto-renew cronjob Step 9: Tell NGINX to use PHP7-FPM. NGINX config for Nextpost. Securing and Optimizing. Step 10: Install FFmpeg for Nextpost Step 11: Nextpost Installation Step 12: Troubleshooting. Introduction I think backend is the hardest side of Web Development. Since I started my experience…    read more